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C3.5 R3(d): Prepare and FACILITATE a journal club to pharmacists

This was a brand new experience for me – facilitating that is, but I had attended other journal clubs. For this one, I opted for a PowerPoint presentation format as I wanted to give some background to the trial and the drug used before delving into the actual paper.

This was a journal club on the REMARC trial – comparing lenalidomide maintenance therapy vs placebo after standard-of-care R-CHOP for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, looking at progression-free survival.

Here’s what I thought went well:
– Apparently I appeared confident. Well, fake it till you make it. =)
– The process I used for clinically appraising the paper felt right, and I intend on using that process for future journal clubs. Harking back to EBM week, using a checklist like CONSORT certainly helps.

Areas for improvement for next time:
– Could do a better job anticipating future directions in terms of other comparators, for example lenalidomide vs. salvage chemotherapy, or longer follow-up
– Use a more interactive format next time

Overall, I thought it went pretty well and I look forward to building upon this foundation going forward for future journal clubs.

My slides: Oncology Journal Club Presentation



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