Residency Objectives and Competencies

The upcoming year will hopefully be a period of significant professional and personal growth. Throughout the year, I will constantly re-evaluate these goals and objectives in order to optimally guide my learning.

Goal #1: To develop a systematic, efficient, and effective approach to patient workup and provision of pharmacotherapeutic care.
Objectives to meet goal #1:
– Develop and implement a personal and unique patient workup form that is adaptable depending on specialty area
– Practice patient presentations with 2 other individuals than my preceptor on any given clinical rotation each week
– By the midpoint of residency year (Nov-Dec), strive to completely work up a moderately (4-5 medical conditions) complex patient in a general medicine ward setting in 90 minutes to comply with oral assessment expectations.
– By the end of residency year, be able to adequately triage a ward of 30 patients to identify patients who more acutely require workup

Goal #2: To build upon the foundation of undergraduate knowledge and develop a robust process for literature and guideline information retrieval.
Objectives to meet goal #2:
– Keep a personal notebook and record all therapeutic pearls learned on-site, and document here on e-portfolio
– For every clinically related question that I come up with on my own, I will personally research primary, secondary, and tertiary literature and seek assistance and confirmation from my preceptor when necessary
– Document methodology of every literature search I conduct for case presentations, residency project, and the academic day seminar I will lead, to reflect and further refine search strategy.

Goal #3: To increase patient and physician awareness of clinical pharmacy and promote our profession’s role in the institutional setting.
Objectives to meet goal #3:
– Strive to perform discharge counselling and collaborate with the resident or attending physician for discharge prescriptions on every patient under my direct care
– Have a discussion with at least 2 patients each clinical rotation on medication choice to preserve patient autonomy, if clinically appropriate
– Whenever informal rounds are held with the physicians with or without the rest of the health care team, attend these rounds.

Goal #4: Maintain a healthy work-life balance during the residency year.
Objectives to meet goal #4:
– Set aside 1 hour each day to rest and recharge, doing non-pharmacy related things
– Set aside 6-8 hours over the weekend to reconnect with family, significant other, and friends
– Maintain participation on recreational sport teams


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